Autobiographical Essay

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My aspiration toward a better education starts all the way back to when I started school in Russia. Out of the short educational experience that I had in Russia, I remember that almost everybody wanted to be the straight-A student (or straight-"5" by Russian grading). That, combined with the constant pressure from my family helped me get excited about school and made me want to learn. My education in Russia was cut short, however, when we moved to the United States.

In the United States, education is a bit different from Russia. I immediately noticed that I was not challenged in math. In first grade in Russia, schoolchildren were learning multiplication, while first graders in the U.S. were still on addition. Naturally, I was
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Thereafter we had a small move and transferred to a neighboring school district. Here, I was allowed to skip yet another grade, going on from sixth to eighth. Here, I had another unique opportunity. I was placed in a mixed-grade class, consisting of both sixth, seventh, and eighth graders. This allowed me to achieve my potential, while still interacting with a similar age group. While in eighth grade, two Latvian students joined our class, and I was asked to help them learn English, with their schedules closely paralleling mine. This was beneficial not only for them, but also for me, as explaining the intricacies of the English language enabled me to better understand them myself. Unfortunately, I did not stay in this environment for long.

High school was the next component of the education process. My first extracurricular activity in high school was the Robotics team. I started by writing small programs on my calculator to automate math formulas (e.g. the quadratic formula). My math teacher noticed this and recommended me to the Robotics team, which needed a programmer at the time. Thus, I began to learn my first programming language, C (which was later replaced by easyC Pro and LabVIEW). Consequently, I was drawn to other computer-related aspects of Robotics, including maintaining their website and creating 3D animations for a related contest. There were no classes I could take in high school, however, to learn all this.

My programming knowledge is
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