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First let me give you some background info, my parents are divorced, for as long as I can remember this has been the hand that I was dealt. My mom has four kids, me being her youngest. My dad has four kids me being his oldest. I say this because I was raised by two different people, with different beliefs, and parenting styles. It was hard to balance between pleasing the both of them all the time, and because this I developed at a young age this "people-pleaser" attitude. When in the presence of my father I was quite, I kept my head down, I did as I was told when I was told, I was as sharp as a needle but I lived in a haystack and I made it my business not to pierce anyone. When I was with my mother I was not only alive but I was living, I…show more content…
He did not receive his diploma, but he later in life did get his GED. My 24 year old sister on the other hand never finished 9th grade, and has been on and off the streets since she was 14. She was deemed "the trouble child", rebellious, and my personal favorite "lost". My sister lives in Chattahoochee, Fl; 329 miles away from her family. She is among 1,042 patients at the Florida State Mental Institution that have been deemed "lost". She was also "deemed" a paranoid schizophrenic four years ago. The moment in my life that marked my transition from a child to adult was the day my mother informed me that instead of receiving 25% of her wealth when she passed, I would receive 50%. I, at 16 years old, proceeded to ask why and her response to her youngest child was that I had to make sure that my family was taken care of and that I was the only one of her children who had what it took to make it. She said that I knew what I wanted and I would never be afraid to get it. This is when I realized I couldn't just do enough to keep everyone happy, and that I had to work and work hard to support my family, my future, and the future of my mother's
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