Autobiography Essay

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Autobiography As the removal men arrived to move all the packed cases and the box's which were filled to the brim. I had spent my younger years in that house, I can remember all the good times, and I can see all of them in my head. D-day had finally arrived! Time had flown and I couldn't believe it had gone. It seems just like yesterday that the house was complete with people I loved the most, but now it just seems so blur a particular recollection of the past. I stood alone in the centre of the living room, I only remember seeing an unoccupied house that was so silent that I anyone could hear a pin drop. With my eyes firmly shut I try to remember all the things that happened to me during my…show more content…
I am sitting on the chair eating away those lovely scrumptious tasting roast potatoes, mushy peas and the Yorkshire puddings. Christmas was especially wonderful, the table was always full with Christmas trimmings and crackers that everyone enjoyed pulling them just to have a silly hat on their heads. The meal itself took hours to prepare and then we had the smell of the food circulating around the house, it took hour to plough through, with starters, main meal and the pudding and then mints and coffee. The home-made mince pies were always kept until teatime because we had stuffed ourselves with eating the dinner. Spending the day together meant a lot to me and I will cherish it forever. Slowly wondering up the stairs to see the room, which I spent most of my time as a young child, I remember the good and the bad the happy and the sad moments. I can say that the room brings back many wonderful memories: the time that my friend and I had a fight and the hours we spent on the phone chatting and making up with them, they were the best days. The best memory that comes to mind is my sleepover on my 10th birthday, me and my friends were playing loud music all night, painting our nails, putting make-up on and we were wearing very colourful pyjamas. In the middle of the night we all had a hunger attack so we raided the kitchen and went upstairs to eat and drink.
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