Autobiography : Matthew Hogue 's Story About Me, And My Family 's Heritage

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Matthew Hogue
Mr. Christian
Web Design I-6
31 March 2015
Autobiography: Matthew Hogue
My History: This is the story about me, and my family’s heritage. From my mom’s side of the family they are from Germany. From my dad’s side of the family they came from Holland. I was born on December 29 1997 at around 3:00 a.m. My dad’s parents moved to the U.S. because he was deployed. My Mom’s parents moved because of the same reason. My dad was born in California in a city located just outside of Las Angeles. My mom was born in Lawton, Oklahoma. I am currently an 11th grade student at Eisenhower high school at 5202 West Gore Blvd. Lawton, Ok 73505. I am currently working on getting my high school degree. If I don’t go to college then I will be attending vocational technology center with their next step program. I have plans on visiting many culinary institute schools to find the perfect one for me. I would like to find a culinary college close to home, but there are not many choices here.
My Future Plans: My goals after high school is to become a chef. I have always wanted to become a chef, but other things have caught my interest along the way. I may be joining the military for around 20 years before I go into retirement. After I retire I plan on using the money I have saved up, and also the retirement checks to start up my own restaurant. I have planned on starting up my own restaurant since I was about 7 years old. I have not decided on the style that I want my restaurant to be but…

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