Autobiography Of A Face : Exploration Of Health Communication Concepts

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Autobiography of a Face: Exploration of Health Communication Concepts

Kara Martin

University of South Dakota

Over the years I have observed that it is not uncommon for people to judge others based upon standards in our society which are imposed upon us through the media via television, movies, celebrities, magazines, and music. Autobiography of a Face, is a memoir written and narrated by the late poet Lucy Grealy and was published in 1994. This book followed Lucy beginning at the age of nine when she was first diagnosed with a rare type of cancer located in her jaw called Ewing’s Sarcoma. Lucy’s story chronicled her struggle with her self-identity after surviving childhood cancer. A facial disfigurement that resulted following an assortment of cancer treatments gave rise to numerous unsuccessful reconstructive procedures that were meant to repair the damage to her face and jaw. This story had many themes including the more obvious premise of the importance placed on physical beauty by many societies and how people who do not conform with this ideal image are often ostracized and/or treated as damaged goods. Lucy brazenly confronted her personal perceptions of beauty after her…

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