Autobiography Of Central Dauphin High School

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School Autobiography Located in the suburban and almost rural parts of Harrisburg sits Central Dauphin High School, one of the largest public schools in the area, and my former high school. The school is composed of around 1,708 students with my graduating class reaching about 420 kids. The student to teacher ratio is fifteen to one which is equal to the Pennsylvania average. Not surprisingly, our school has a 23% minority enrollment ratio which is 8% less than the Pennsylvania average. Also, only 16% of the students at Central Dauphin qualify for free lunch. When you compare these numbers with our sister school, Central Dauphin East High School, there are some surprising results. Central Dauphin East has a 65% minority enrollment rate with…show more content…
I started taking advanced, honors, and AP classes as soon as I was allowed, starting primarily in middle school. After I began taking these courses, I started noticing that my classes were composed of the same grouping of students. Sometimes, I wouldn’t see a few of my other friends all day unless it was at lunch or between classes. I tended to realize that students who had both parents at home with stable jobs and more money tended to be in the honors and AP courses. People self-segregated in various ways at my school. Along with age, students separated by sport, arts, music, popularity, and wealth. Usually, freshman and sophomores rode the bus until they got their license while the rest of the students and staff drove to school. All our teachers and administrative staff were white while our janitorial staff consisted of other races and…show more content…
It was a big transition for me to come from Central Dauphin to Temple and be surrounded by so many exceptional individuals. The thing I most valued from this exercise was reiterating the importance of academics but also learning the worth of social acceptance. It is never okay to judge, make fun of, or attack someone else for being different from you. Diversity should be celebrated, not hidden. Although I am thankful for my strong education and the academic opportunities I was given, I think there is a lot more I need to learn about other cultures and races that could never be learned within the walls of my high school. I am at college to continue my education but to also start a new journey into the “real world” composed of all the wonderful beauties and colors that human kind consists
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