Autobiography Of George Anderson

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In 1996 I entered the United States as a single mother, along two of my minor children holding the tourist visa. Later on, Anderson, my eldest son, Anderson, came legally to the United States to visit me. Afterwards, I got married and was able to obtain the permanent residence. When I applied for the U.S. citizenship, as a woman with Christian values, the main privilege I had in mind was the right to bring family members permanently to this country. Hereby I would like to express my personal experiences of primogeniture. I am the mother of three children and I love them equally. However, I have special remembrances of Anderson, my first offspring: his first words, his first steps, his favorite toys; a real “bundle of joy” that came to my life. And time came when he went to school; always making me proud of being his mother.…show more content…
When he realized that I was in need to survive myself and raise my other two minor children, he decided to stay to succor us. That was an act of filial piety that will be forever in my mind, heart and soul. Instead of returning to Brazil and pursue his studies and find a career, he stayed here in the United States, working hard, just to support our family. That was an act of sacrifice, a decision that not so many would make at a so young age. Anderson’s care and concern towards me has been always so intense, especially now that he realizes that I have already reached the third age. To me, this transpires an act of unconditional love. Now my beloved son is man and he continues to comfort me in all aspects of my life: physical, spiritual, emotional and psychological. Anderson is definitely my
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