Autobiography Of My American Dream

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Vu Nguyen
It has been forty-five days since I landed off in Chicago International Airport, become an official international student in the United States of America. Jonesboro is a quiet city in Arkansas, but A-State – Home of the Red Wolves is not. I feel so proud to be a Red Wolf at this moment but I still remember the days that I was “fighting” and working with two hundred percent effort to realize my American dream. Those were a bunch of struggling, tiring but happy days during a long period until April of this fabulous year – 2017.
A throwback to when I was a little boy in secondary school, I was dreaming of America every single day. I love everything relating to America or has images, symbols of this great nation. Going
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However, I just realized that I literally couldn’t do that when it came to a study abroad fair taking place in my high school. As a class monitor, I was put in a priority to be arranged to do an English placement test for high school students with no-cost. If my result was above the standard score, I would get a full scholarship to study in the US as an exchange student for one year. My aspiration had been again raising up until the day I received the result. I was the student who got the highest score among over 400 contestants, it was such a most surprising news ever to me. However, it was also the worst day ever in my entire life. I came home with a sense of excitement and smiles appearing on my face during the way home. That was not an ending of a day as happy as the Korean romantic dramas, I showed the result to my parents, immediately, my father said “No” as if he was the judge in American Got Talents saying to contestants who failed at their performance. Yes, “No” meant that I wouldn’t be allowed to get that scholarship and had to stay in Vietnam to continue my study, graduate and enter a well-known Vietnamese college. I feel like everything in the sky was falling down onto my head after hearing that word. All my effort one more time was thrown away. A bunch of negative thoughts had begun coming out into my mind. Without any responses, I went to my room in silence and torn down all my American stuff,
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