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I will always remember the effect of a civil war in Nigeria that left hundreds of thousands of children malnourished. Tens of thousands of the rural population were afflicted with different types of diseases. Malaria fever was prevalent, and it was the main cause of death among children and infants. I can recall vividly sitting in an empty room after the end of the civil war in 1970, and assured my self that I must go beyond the confines of my continent – Africa to seek knowledge so as to assist in alleviating the suffering of my people. After I had graduated from high school, my dream of coming to the United States of America was far fetched reality. At that time in my life, coming to America was almost impossible. My family lost …show more content…
My aspiration after high school was to become a medical doctor. I knew my resources were limited, and going to medical school with limited amount of money was an unlikely impossibility. Based on these constrains, I opted to at least obtain a college degree in business.
I was in Nigeria last summer and the standard of living is still remarkably low and the average life expectancy is extremely low when compared to that of the industrialized nations. My observations have inspired me to pursue a degree in public health. I have the intent to assist in educating the masses in any third world setting, and to held rural areas to establish health clinics under the auspices of the World Health Organization, or through other none profit organizations. Presently, I am interested in epidemiology because it is a scientific method used to investigate, analyze and prevent or control a health problem in a given population. It gives me the opportunity to perform statistic based research aimed at controlling, or eliminating infectious diseases. As a research epidemiologist, I will have the opportunity to work with World Health Organization in various parts of the world - assisting humanity.

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At North Texas State University, I completed my BBA degrees with an overall grade point average of 3 point and where as my GPA in my main area of concentration – Administrative Management was a 3

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