Autobiography of My Father

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Ernest Chiam was born in 1957, the year which Malaysia got its independence. By the time, Malaysia began to develop and became stable as World War II was ceased and he was able to grow up in a peaceful environment without sirens of the enemy’s invasion. He is the fifth born out of six, with two brothers and three sisters. The first page of his life started in a middle class suburban household located in Muar, Johor. As a baby, Ernest was very chubby as well as adorable. He was raised on by his mother’s milk and therefore, since small he has a very close relationship with her mother. As both of his parents were school teachers, Ernest was raised up in a family that emphasized discipline and education. In that sense, he was especially…show more content…
The period he worked in A’Famosa Resorts can be considered as the peak in his career as he successfully setup the Water Theme park, Safari Wonderland, Cowboy Theme Park and also the 3Ds Motion Master Cinema in A’ Famosa Resort. One night in 2001, while Ernest was driving back from Taiping after a business travel, a major event happened on him and this has greatly changed his views towards life. It was a serious car accident where Ernest had suffered a broken left wrist and incurred abdominal injury and it took him more than four months to recuperate. He had undergone two hand surgeries to get his bone fixed and aligned correctly followed by lots of physiotherapy to get his left hand function normally. However, due to his persistence doing the physiotherapy, Ernest managed to get fully recover from it. Through this incident, he came to realize that the most importance thing to him is his family, not his career. He also started to fix the relationship he had with God which was faded and attend the church service more often. After fully recovery from his injuries, Ernest continued to work for A’ Famosa Resort for 12 years before moving to his present job with WWF Malaysia. In his present position with WWF-Malaysia, Ernest helped in forming the Marine Fish Farmers Association of Malaysia (MFFAM) in a bit to introduce Best Aquaculture Practices to the industry. As for marine turtle
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