Automated Medication Dispensers In The Home

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Automated Medication Dispensers In The Home May Improve Medication Adherence Automated medication dispensers may be the key for improved quality of care and safety for individuals who live in a community-based setting. Errors and adverse incidents related to medication use are becoming more common whether it is because of cognitive changes related to aging, substance abuse or simply just not taking medications as prescribed. A working definition of medication misuse for the purposes of this paper is the use of medications, illicit, prescribed, or over-the-counter, in a manner other than as recommended or directed (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 2013). It has been reported that in the United States alone, 105 people die each…show more content…
Likewise, evaluation of the new evidence based practice information is based on efficiency, efficacy, financial impact and health status outcomes for change that has occurred (Stevens, 2004). John Hopkins Nursing Evidence Based Practice Model The John Hopkins Nursing Evidence Based Practice Model (JHNEBP) has three phases that describe the practice question, evidence and translation (PET) for determining the practice problem finding evidence that supports change in current practice and than translating the new information into practice (Newhouse, Dearholt, Poe, Pugh, & White, 2012). The first phase, practice question, is developed used to develop an answerable evidence-based practice question that derived from the PICO mnemonic (Newhouse et al., 2012). The second phase of is conducting the research and finding the evidence to be used in implementation for change of practice. The PET process finds the evidence, makes an appraisal of the findings and provides recommendations for change in practice (Newhouse et al., 2012). The final phase is to determine if the information obtained in research is appropriate for implementing change in the current practice. The PET process within the JHNEBP Model can be used as a means for finding evidence, evaluating and synthesizing the information from the research and evaluating

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