Automated Recording and Monitoring System Thesis

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Chapter 1


Rationale of the study

As computer technology is rapidly changing our world, it has permitted man not only

store his knowledge, but to organize, manipulate, and modify it systematically.

Organizations nowadays are adapting to office automation systems. Most schools use

automated systems to lessen their work and minimize their problems in their system, and

ACT(Asian College of Technology) is one of the school that is would like to adapt

computerization for a more productive output.

Yet, there are still problems that the school can not avoid such as storing of the

student’s records in their scholarship programs. Some files are inevitably misplaced or lost

because of the manual recording process.
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Vendors of computer-aided software engineering

(CASE) products are now supporting UML and it has been endorsed by almost every

maker of software development products , including IBM and Microsoft (for its Visual

Basic environment).

Martin Fowler, in his book UML Distilled, observes that, although UML is a

notation system enabling people to communicate about a model, it is developed from

methodologies that also describe the processes in developing and using the model.

While there is no one accepted process, the contributors to UML all describe somewhat

similar approaches and these are usually described along with tutorials about UML itself.

Among the concepts of modeling that UML specifies how to describe are: class

(of objects), object, association, responsibility, activity, interface, use case, package,

sequence, collaboration, and state. Fowler's book provides a good introduction to UML.

Booch, Rumbaugh, and Jacobson all have or soon will have published the "official" set

of books on UML.

UML is short for Unified Modelling Language and is an ISO ( International

Standard) specification language for modelling objects. It's a refinement of earlier

Object Oriented Design and Object Oriented Analysis methodologies.

Collaboration Diagram. , also called a communication

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