Automated Sales System Overview And Key Features

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8.1.4 (MTP Section 1.4) System Overview and Key features
In today’s hyper-competitive business world, automated sales system has become increasingly important. Currently Rainbow company is equipped with manual backend systems and the business owners and the developers of the company focused on replacing their manual system with an automated sales system. This will eliminates the time-consuming but essential manual tasks in order to efficient and effective customer service experience while increasing the value of their company reputation. Automated sales systems comes with a number of key features including:
• Fast and Flexible sales report generation
• Centralized tracking of customer information
• Easy tracking of store levels
• Accurate Order, Purchase and History tracking
• Higher level of Security (MTP Section 1.5.4) Resources Summary

Test resources: (feel free to cut off the additional staffing)
• 2 Senior ICT Testers
• 3 Junior ICT business analysts
• 1 ICT Security staff
• 1 ICT Network staff
• 1 ICT Server Operations staff
• 2 ICT Service Desk staff
• 2 Business managers
• 3 Business office staff


ICT Equipment
Internet connections – ISDN/DSL
Telecom connections – Phone/Fax/ISDN
LAN connection – RJ45

Site Requirements o Lab area o Space for equipment racks o Un-interruptable power suppliers (UPS) o Work areas
• Offices
• Test areas o Storage space o Modem lines o Network equipment (modem, hubs and router) o Sufficient power plugs
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