Automated Student Advising Project On The School Of Business Administration ( Soba )

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Project Stakeholders Although it is apparent that the Automated Student Advising Project will directly impact the School of Business Administration (SoBA) as well as the University of Montana as while, this can be further broken down into a variety of comprising stakeholders that will be considered throughout the duration of this project. SoBA Faculty and staff stakeholders include those of the Advising Office and SoBA Central as well as each department chair and the associated instructors and professors. These individuals are well informed of the elements that will be most effective in enhancing the advising process and have strong opinions on the overall outcome of this project. Additional staff personnel to consider are those such as the IT department, which offer direct support and expertise surrounding the technologies and processes required for the online advising platform. This project will also ensure to take into account the expectations of board members in addition to affiliated third parties such as organizations and alumni. Current and future students of the degrees and programs offered by both SoBA and the University of Montana are included in the identified stakeholders of this project. A major goal of this project is to better improve and enhance the advising process for all students who may have interests in experiencing the courses offered by SoBA. In addition increased satisfaction and success due to an improved advising program would not only

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