Automated Vehicle Surveillance System Using Qr Code

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Automated Vehicle Surveillance System Using QR Code Nikhil J. Adsure1, Tanmay N. Kubde2, Umesh J. Patil3 Information Technology Department, Sinhgad Institute of Technology, Lonavala, India1,2,3,4 Abstract: Automation is the use of machines, control systems and information technologies to optimize productivity in the production of goods and delivery of services. The correct incentive for applying automation is to increase productivity, and/or quality beyond that possible with current human labor levels so as to realize economies of scale, and/or realize predictable quality levels. Automated Vehicle Surveillance System is designed to elevate the level of Security in the premises where the system is installed. It provide the detail statistics of all Authorized vehicles like the time at which the vehicle left the premises (OUT), the time of entrance of vehicle in the premises(IN), Vehicle no., Vehicle Owner, Type of vehicle, etc automatically by reading the content of QR code which is pre-embedded on authorized vehicle. Also it automatically identifies unauthorized vehicle and blocks it from entering the premises by a gate barrier. It warns security officials of unauthorized vehicle by firing an alarm signal. The gate can be opened only if security officials examine the vehicle & grant access to it. The system is transparent, so that the vehicle that passes through it hardly notices its operation. This provides speedily operation and avoids inconvenience.

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