Automatic Active phase selector

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Phase absence is a very common and severe problem in any industry, home or office. Many times one or two phases may not be live in three phase supply. Because of this, many times, some electrical appliances will be on in one room and OFF in another room. This creates a big disturbance to our routine work.
This project is designed to check the availability of any live phase, and the load will be connected to the particular live phase only. Even a single phase is available, and then also, the load will be in ON condition.
The aim of this project is to construct a single phasing monitor and prevention system using 8bit microcontroller. Anti-single phasing relays or single phasing preventer are required for critical loads and
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It deals with the block diagram of the project and explains the purpose of each block. In the same chapter the explanation of microcontrollers, power supplies, LCD and Relays are considered.
3. Presents the software description. It explains the implementation of the project using PIC C Compiler software.
4 . Presents the project description along with relay interfacing to microcontroller.
5. Presents the advantages, disadvantages and applications of the project.
6. Presents the results, conclusion and future scope of the project.

Automatic Phase Selection

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The block diagram of the project and design aspect of independent modules is considered. Block diagram is shown in fig:


Automatic Phase Selection

Block diagram of Automatic phase selector system

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The main blocks of this project are:
1. Micro controller (PIC16F72)
2. Crystal oscillator
3. Reset
4. Regulated power supply (RPS)
5. LED Indicator
6. Relay
7. LCD

PIC Microcontroller:

Fig2 :PIC Microcontrollers

Automatic Phase Selection

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Introduction to PIC Microcontrollers:
PIC stands for Peripheral Interface Controller given by Microchip Technology to identify its single-chip microcontrollers. These devices have been very successful in 8-bit microcontrollers. The main reason is that Microchip Technology has continuously upgraded the device architecture and added needed peripherals to the microcontroller to suit customers' requirements.

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