Automatic Frequency Planning & Optimization

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Automatic Frequency Planning and Optimization Algorithm for Cellular Networks Muhammad Umair, Waleed Bin Shahid, Masab Javed Abbasi, Department of Electrical Engineering Royal Institute of Technology (KTH) SE100-44 Stockholm, SWEDEN E-mail:, , Abstract— Frequency planning in ever growing cellular networks is an extremely arduous task. Any effort to lay down manual frequency plans promulgates inefficiency in the cellular radio systems. The extensive deployment and penetration of cellular networks necessitate the need to carry out automatic frequency planning. This paper presents a novel and ingenious algorithm for automatic generation and optimization of the…show more content…
II. PREPARING INPUT DATA FOR ALGORITHM A. Development of Hypothetical Grid for Topographical Analysis The very first step is to divide the geographical area under consideration into square regions of identical dimensions. These small regions are called bins. The concept of bin facilitates in analyzing the topography because the network parameters are changing with changing values of geographical coordinates, and by following the hypothetical grid approach it has been assumed that network parameters do not change within a bin, which is basically a small unit area. An important aspect to be highlighted here is that keeping the size of the bin smaller enhances accuracy. So, in this regard the dimensions of these bins have been set to be so minute that the bin can be approximated to have the same value of longitude and latitude. Also due to this minute area of bins, it is assumed that the signal strength does not change or deteriorate in a particular bin. The coverage area of each of the base station in the network is a calculation of the total number of bins for which that particular base station acts as the best server. B. Inter Cell Dependency Matrix (ICDM) Development of an efficient frequency planning algorithm requires in-depth knowledge of the cellular environment and live system measurements can also be of great help in this regard. As the ICDM
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