Automatic License Plate Reader Essay

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Technology in the policing field has revolutionized the way police officers go about their job on a daily bases. It is constantly changing for both the good and the bad, and helps to create a safer and better environment for citizens to live in. Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) is just one of the many technologies that have been discovered, and put into place throughout the policing community. Automatic Number Plate Recognition is means of surveillance that uses optical character recognition on various images and makes reading license plate numbers possible. They do this through the use of existing closed-circuit television, road enforcement cameras, or ones specifically designed for the task. This technology has been…show more content…
This technology, like many other technologies has not been perfected. Although it has made a tremendous impact in the policing community, it still needs attention in order to effectively utilize the technology. When installing cameras on mobile police units, you must be aware of the specific application of the unit and its most important tasks. For highway patrol forward-facing cameras that have the ability to span multiple lanes at high speeds are needed in order to effectively do their job, whereas city patrol needs shorter ranged cameras with short focal lengths to effectively scan parked cars in parking lots. The cameras must be set up on the side of mobile units, so when they drive through a parking lot or down the side of the street they will be able to pick up on the license plates they pass. The newer more expensive ANPR systems are much more flexible and can be set up in a number of ways with numerous cameras that can easily be repositioned for their specific application. Another challenge that many states face, including Florida is that license plates are only necessary for the rear of the vehicles, whereas states such as Massachusetts it
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