Automatic Punching Machine

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1. Introduction
2. Synopsis
3. Block Diagram
4. Block Diagram Description
5. Circuit diagram
6. Circuit description
7. Component details
8. Working of project
9. Fabrication of PCB
10. Application
11. Future development
12. Cost estimation
13. Conclusion
14. Bibliography



The automation is now carried on not only industries but also houses. The automation of a particular system avoids the total care about the system. Nowadays lot of components and techniques are available to automate the particular field. Here we are going to automate the necessary things in houses. To carry on the automation process PLC based technique is
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Regulator 5. Indicator

The ordinary low power E & I core transformer is used to get required voltage. It is basically step down transformer, which reduce the voltage from mains supply depending upon the output voltage. The rectifier sections convert AC into DC. The rectifier is designed using four 1N 4007 diode. It is a bridge type rectifier, which give full cycle conduction output. The capacitor based filter section smooth the rippled DC and make it as pure DC. The smoothing level is increased by increasing filter capacitor value. The regulator block is designed using 78 XX series.

The regulator is selected to get constant voltage at output side. We can give input voltage up to 30V. The LED indicates circuit is on live. This circuit arrangement gives constant voltage output.
Power Supply Design Concept:
Transformer Selection:

Voltage Rating = DC output voltage +5V Current Rating = required current +1/2 required current.

Type: Ordinary Transformer = Half wave & Bridge rectifier

Control Tape Transformer = Full wave rectifier.


For +5v @ 1A RPS Transformer Voltage Rating

Voltage = 5V + 5V = 10V

Transformer Current Rating

Current = 1A + 0.5A = 1.5A


Ordinary Transformer = 0-10v @ 1.5A Center Tapped Transformer = 10 – 0 – 10V@ 1.5A
Practical Selection of Transformer:

0 -9V @ 2A (Or) 9V-0-9V @ 2A

Diode Selection for Rectifier (Based on Load Current):

1N 4007 - 1A 1N 5408 - 2A 6A 4 Mic - 3A

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