Automatic Temperature Control Fan

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The automatic temperature control system is a very essential feature of a factory or an industry. In most of the case the temperature plays a vital role in the process of manufacturing or the process carried in that factory or industry.

The most common and simplest way of controlling temperature is by using a fan which is automatically connected to a network such as it is switched on when the temperature of the surroundings increases.

The change in temperature of the surroundings can be sensed with the help of thermistor or a sensistor. These electronic components sense the temperature of the surroundings. When there is a change in the temperatue tempetature then these electronic components start to conduct the electric
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From the above discussion it is concluded that for the having low output from the timer 555, the voltage on the threshold input must exceed the control voltage or + 2/3 VCC. They also turn the discharge transistor on. To force the output from the timer high, the voltage on the trigger input must drop below +1/3 VCC. This also turns the discharge transistor off.
A voltage may be applied to the control input to change the levels at which the switching occurs. When not in use, a 0.01 nano Farad capacitor should be connected between pin 5 and ground to prevent noise coupled onto this pin from causing false triggering.
Connecting the reset (pin 4) to a logic low will place a high on the output of flip-flop. The discharge transistor will go on and the power amplifier will output a low. This condition will continue until reset is taken high. This allows synchronization or resetting of the circuit’s operation. When not in use, reset should be tied to +VCC.

Block diagram of 555IC:

: [pic] [pic]
Applications of temperature control devices:

Temperature measurement and monitoring is an integral part of Industrial processes to ensure conformance to product quality standards.
The Industrial Temperature Monitoring System fully automates temperature monitoring and recording. The system provides auditable records for effective temperature management. The unique alarm handling system provides the alarm duration,
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