Automation And The Development Of Powered Machinery For Production Operations

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Automation is a controlled operation that functions automatically through the use of an apparatus, process, system or by mechanical or electronic devices that replaces the need for human labor. “Automation evolved from three interrelated trends in technology: the development of powered machinery for production operations, the introduction of powered equipment to move materials and workpieces during the manufacturing process, and the perfecting of control systems to regulate production, handling, and distribution.” Automation is an integral tool used in business to help with sustainability.
Since the dawn of time, humans have learned to make and use tools to accomplish work to increase production and efficiency. Over the years, the means and methods have changed, but the purpose has been the same. There has been considerable concern over the rapid changes in technology that has some fearful that machines will one day take over all the jobs, leaving millions unemployed. That fear has little validation. Typically automation does reduces labor in one sector but another will rises to replace the demands for labor. There are also many benefits of automation that can be utilized in business. Automation technology plays a significant role in being able to do these things safely, reliably and competitively.
The workforce has seen the biggest changes during the industrial revolution. Machines were built to increase production capability while downsizing labor. During the
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