Automation and Intelligence Have Changed Agriculture

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Agricultural production has increased manifold due to the advent of automation and intelligence in various stages of a crop’s life cycle. Introduction of such processes has led to a significant increase in the output and reduction in the costs incurred in manual labour and other farm equipment. A scheme where machine vision is implemented can be used to perceive the position of a fruit for harvesting. This technology has been used to develop both land and aerial based systems for fruit detection and harvesting. Machine vision in harvesting is broadly based on visual cues and properties of fruit. Machine vision based systems have an advantage as apart from recognition of colour, texture and shape of any object, numerical points for the object are also defined.
The aim of fruit detection is characterized by the following desirable outcomes:
1. Detection of each distinct fruit.
2. Discrimination of the detected fruit from the other parts of the foliage.
3. Localisation of the fruit.
Since its implementation to crop harvesting and other agricultural practices, a lot of attention has been given to development in machine vision systems to achieve the abovementioned outcomes. But, all of it has been limited to the field of research with very little commercial outlook. Though, research outcomes may look bleak, it is a well-accepted fact that to achieve very good incidences of fruit detection a robust machine vision system is essential. This in turn will develop into a robot
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