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The products ten years ago compared to today’s products are completely different. Additionally, these changes are due to an increase in technology, specifically in cars. However, the older Toyota Camry is comfortable, reliable, and spacious. Additionally, there are over 10 million Camry's sold worldwide and over 6 million in the United States. The bells and whistles of modern automobiles compared to older vehicles like the Toyota Camry is less valuable in terms of reliability and safety.
The “bells and whistles” of modern automobiles is technology developed by automotive industries. Although new cars offer numerous technological changes and features like starting itself, regulating the temperature, and 268 horsepower, there are also dangerous risks. For example, if General Motors can unlock a car door when the driver accidentally leaves the keys in the car, thieves cannot only hack a car using technology, but can steal the car without any damage to the vehicle. In other words, a hacker does not need the typical bat or hammer to break the window and get into a car, just an iPad. Moreover, when a thief hacks a vehicle while a person is driving and the car suddenly stops, if the driver is on the freeway, a car could slam directly into the back of the car depending on how close the vehicle is to the hacked car as well
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However, a car must also have a strong material in order to survive a car crash. When it comes to the older Toyota Camry, safety is definitely first. Moreover, the type of metal used to make the Toyota Camry, aluminum, is stronger than steel and does not rust. Unlike the modern Lexus', the older Toyota Camry can survive a major car accident and come out with a minor dent. The older Toyota Camry may not have sensors detecting when a car is about to hit the driver, but at least when a car hits the Toyota Camry, it will not crumble up like a piece of
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