Automobile Industry In The 1930's

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“Quality is doing it right when no one is looking” (Henry Ford). Two important figures that made autobody become an industry were Eli Whitney and Henry Ford. During the 19th century created interchangeable parts. These interchangeable parts were identical pieces used on mechanical devices on massive scales. The interchangeable parts made work easier, it also made repairing a possibility on existing products. Henry Ford developed the first assembly line; he used the idea of interchangeable parts. In 1908 the first vehicle was produced called the T Ford. There were no mechanics and needless to say no auto repair shops. People would often try to repair it by themselves but because the car was so uncommon it was difficult, and no one really knew how to fix it the right way except the people who created it. By 1920’s the car was viewed more and manufacturers were making standardized parts that were easily…show more content…
By the 1960’s the car started changing how it looked and the speed it had. People wanted more speed and fuel efficient cars. By the 1970’s plastic played a role on the new vehicles and more safety were applied to these manufacturers and industries. The automobile became very popular, OEM parts were created and of course, other people tried to make similar parts for less money. OEM Stands for Original Equipment Manufacturer. This is the original producer of a vehicle’s component. OEM car parts are identical parts used in the production of a vehicle. The parts created by other vendors that are not in the assembly line of a factory are called aftermarket or secondary market parts. Aftermarket is common for their spare parts, and second - hand equipment. Purchasing OEM parts for replacement on United States vehicles is the best choice because they provide higher quality parts, provide better safety and security, and they have better warranty options over aftermarket
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