Automobile Pollution In America

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The United States burns about a quarter of the world’s oil, half of which the gasoline powered automobile is responsible for (Lovins, 2004). For this reason, efficient, electrical forms of transportation are one of the key factors to limiting America’s oil dependence. Dating back to the late nineteenth century, the idea of the electric car is nothing new, however, in just recent years it has finally made significant progress. Innovations have enabled the electric vehicle to be portable and more attractive in recent years causing more people to make the switch from gas to electric. The transition from gasoline cars to electric vehicles projects significant breakthroughs for American energy including low dependence on oil and a cleaner future. Automobile pollution increases global warming and causes severe damage to environmental and public health. Carbon dioxide emissions from automobile engines are the leading cause of global warming (Ridlington & Madsen, 2014). Temperatures across the country are experiencing a significant increase causing ice to melt and a rise in sea level. This results in frequent coastal flooding that consequently comes with devastating outcomes such as high…show more content…
These policies include the addition of installing charging infrastructure in standardized requirements at the workplace and all public areas. Public services such as buses, garbage trucks and postal trucks should be encouraged to switch to electrical transportation. Feebates designed to encourage the use of electric vehicles offer car buyers an incentive to purchase cars based on the level of fuel efficiency (Romm et al., 1992). By implementing feebates, the number of efficient clean cars on the road will increase. As Romm and Lovins stated in 1992, “Emerging policy innovations could speed the introduction of superefficient
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