Automobile Technology: The Tesla Motors in California

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Though production of these vehicles is relatively more expensive, the costs of manufacturing are being decreased through the enhancement and advancement in hybrid/battery-powered automobile technology. So companies trying to transition to electric vehicle production have to invest more dollars than their usual monetary funds in conventional cars. But as the technology advances and hybrid/electric cars become more prevalent, the production and manufacturing of these vehicles won’t be a heavier burden in cost than conventional car production and manufacturing. Tesla is a car company that exhibits a company that is producing “eco-friendly” vehicles, and increases production of affordable vehicles. Martin Eberheard and Marc Tarpenning founded Tesla motors in California in July 2003. The company was founded under the mission to set out to prove electrical vehicles were plausible and awesome. In 2004, billionaire and creator of PayPal, Elon Musk, invested in the company and joined the board (Musk is now the acting CEO and Chairman of Tesla motors). The company is named after electrical engineer and physicist Nikola Tesla, a man who pioneered the development of electrical technology in vehicles. The Tesla Roadster uses an AC motor descended directly from Tesla’s original 1882 design. Tesla's strategy was to emulate consumer electronics' products and enter the automotive market with an expensive high-end product targeted at affluent buyers. According to a blog post by Musk, "New
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