Automobile Theft Is A Crime

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Most time people don’t think about what crimes they are committing like motor vehicle theft, larceny and theft and robbery. Each of the crimes is serious, but some people don’t understand the consequence of what they could be up against. Automobile theft is a felony which you could face up to one or more years in prison. Robbery is a crime that happens every day and usually deals with someone intentionally taking something from a store or a person.
Larceny and Theft is another crime that is similar to robbery, but it is a more serious crime that it is unlawful to take constructive possession of another person’s personal property.
Motor Vehicle thefts can be easily done by a professional who knows how to hi-jack cars. The most common mistake why some cars are easily stolen is that people leave their doors unlocked. For example most people go into convince stores and leave their car running which is an easy way for a car to be stolen. There are certain vehicles that cannot be considered as automobile theft as in farm equipment because it isn’t registered with the DMV. According to the FBI (UCR) they consider that a vehicle is only to run on land not rails .In 2010 there was an estimated amount that there were 737,142 thefts of automobiles which is an outstanding number of vehicles stolen. There is also an estimated rate of 238.8 thefts out, out of 100,000 inhabitant that deal with vehicle theft. About 4.5 billion dollars is lost nationwide, because of these auto thefts

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