Automobiles Then and Now Essay

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Automobiles Then and Now

The automobile has become an important part in our nations economy. In fact such an important part that is has called for many changes through out its history. One of the main changes is the body. In the 1950's the body was made mostly of steel. This was okay if you like bulky, heavy, gas guzzling cars. The main reason why steel was so widely used is that the steel industry was so huge and steel was so cheep that it was the logical thing to use. However with all the advances in plastics it did not make sense to use steel when a lighter more durable substitute became readily available and much cheaper. Steel is still used though today because of its strength and protection to the passengers. Changes in
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In the 1950's the automobile hade drum brakes all the way around. The problem with drum brakes was that they heated up easily and by heating up that would cause failure to the brakes, (Coates Del, Brake System 1). Drum brakes would mostly heat up when traveling down hill, as one would have to apply the brake often and there being no ventilation it was a accident waiting to happen. Most drum brakes where mechanically actuated (Coates, Brake systems 2). This means that the brakes where actuated by a cable and caused them to lock up very easily. The hydraulic brake was introduced in the 1950's (Coates Brakes Systems 3). This new braking system used fluid to apply pressure and greatly reduced lock up. Disc Brakes have become the premiere stopping system on cars today. Disc brakes do not trap water as drum brakes tend to do which causes them to slip and fail. Disc brakes also allow more surface area to accept pressure from the brake pads making stopping faster. In addition to disc brakes ABS (Anti-lock Braking System) was introduced on motor vehicles in the United States as a safety feature (Coates ABS Brake Systems). ABS brake system uses wheel speed sensors, a computer and a modulator unit to prevent loss of tire adhesion during braking. ABS is now available on over 90 percent of all new vehicles. The ABS brake system does not operate when you apply the brake unless one ore

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