Automobiles are More Than Just Transportation Essay

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Today, automobiles have gained a reputation of refined high-tech product rather than just a means of transport. It has become a moving living quarters, defining the social status of what people aspire to have when it comes to the type of life those people want. In today's automobile business operations, companies should pay more attention to developing the customer’s experience. The experience is an important part of customer value; great customer service is the advantage needed to measure the worth of goods or services. Therefore, only those great idea and marketing strategies can destroy the competition. This means, it is very important for companies to target the right market, set up compelling marketing strategies and make …show more content…

While Koreans have always maintained a very aggressive pricing strategy, Hyundai KIA has put itself at a prime place in the global market by offering competitive prices compared to the competition. It is obvious from the global automotive sales data that South Korea’s Hyundai KIA Automotive Group ranked from tenth in nineteen ninety-nine to a global rise to fourth in the world in the years to come that they have thought a lot about pricing competitiveness (Freeman 2008). With the company jumping six seats in the past years and leaving behind the Honda, Toyota, Fiat, and Chrysler; KIA’s President Mr.Lee says “ KIA will keep vehicle prices at current levels in the U.S. as part of its brand strategy.”
Place is based on the type of the product, market and customer studies, where they take in distribution channels, storage facilities, transport facilities and inventory controlling. Looking at the reality of the falling economy in Korea, the KIA Group still wanted to expand the scale and scope of business. Hence, KIA is international with their facilities in one hundred and seventy-two countries. This includes KIA Group launching 14 companies in Indonesia to expand the production of small cars ( Making the company international helps their company expand by being able to reach different demographics and reach more customers. This helps their company because now they are associated

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