Automotive Industry and Nissan

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Nissan: Strategies to Build Global Presence
Deepika Jindal and Chandan Jee Institute of Management Technology, Ghaziabad

Nissan is one of the world¶s largest automobiles company. It has got manufacturing locations in 18 nations and services available in around 160 locations. Thus, it would be appropriate to call the company global to a large extent. In year 2007, Nissan¶s Executive Vice President, Tadao Takahashi mentioned its strategy of moving to transnational from multi-domestic. At present Nissan has increased its focus on emerging markets like India and Russia. In March 2010, Renault-Nissan Alliance inaugurated its first plant in Chennai, India. The plant will become operational in May and expected to launch car by mid
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Automotive industry is also incorporating new technologies. The launch of hybrid engine cars in the recent past is one of the major technological advancement. Many companies are working to produce electric vehicles and looking for another means of fuel for the cars. The automobile industry is constantly changing. Due to the recent global recession, there has been a slowdown in the demand of vehicles and people are moving towards small compact cars which are normally low priced. Many companies which earlier normally catered to luxury segment are also entering this new attractive segment. Global expansion has been the foray of automobile industry since long. Companies started expanding themselves since early 1900¶s. Nissan is also one of the major automobile companies which started its global expansion around 50 years back.

Nissan is a multinational automaker headquartered in Yokohama, Japan. It is the 3rd largest auto manufacturer in Japan. The company was founded on 26th December, 1933, with the merger of the automobile components department of Tabata Casting with a small automobile producer and repair shop factory owned by DAT Motors, a new company was formed with

the name DATSON, which was later changed to DATSUN (Nayebpour and Saito, 2007). It formerly marketed vehicles under ³Datsun´ brand name but
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