Automotive Industry in Mexico

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Automotive Industry in Mexico 2 Mexico, a place for doing business in the automotive industry Searching facts to justify the settlement of US investment Student Name Professor Name Course Table of Contents Mexico, A Place for Doing Business in Automotive Industry 3 Introduction 3 Markets, Demographics, Resources 3 Business Environment 4 Cultural Environment 5 Economic Environment 5 Political Environment 6 Legal Environment 7 Conclusion 7 Bibliography 8 Introduction When establishing a business especially an automotive one, no compromise can be made on the factor of quality. So, the question is; should a business be established in the automotive industry in Mexico. This paper answers this question taking into consideration various aspects related to business, politics, economy, markets and legal factors in Mexico. U.S. has always been a support for flourishing of democratic connections between various countries and so, when the borders meet, it makes it a convenient choice to establish a business (Klepak, 2008). To maximize the profits there are certain factors which should be considered. These factors are described in the next sections. Markets, Demographics, Resources Mexico is an attractive market for the industry we are investing in and some details related to this are provided below: Major Market Opportunities can be found in Mexico City, Monterrey and Guadalajara. Automobiles produced in Mexico are also exported to
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