Automotive Mechanics : A Great Career Choice

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I. Introduction Automotive mechanics is a great career choice. II. Career Choice There was a time before cars. People had to take horses everywhere and relied on horses. They had to do all of their field and horses require a lot of space and resources. Then came the steam engine technology. The main use of the steam engine technology is the the railway system setup. They use coal to heat up water. The the expanding water would push a piston back and forth to create energy. The only problem with this technology is it used a lot of coal to heat the water and it was very dangerous. The other problem was it wasn’t very compact. Steam engines are very large and even if you made a steam engine made to fit in a modern car they wouldn’t produce…show more content…
With all the technological advancements and the variety of computer programs that are out there to use, you have to know how to use all of them. Northcentral Technical College is a great place to learn all of the skill sets required in this field of work. They offer many different classes to advance you in the automotive technician world. You can specialize in different areas of the car or you can become an all around automotive technician. For an example, you could be a engine builder or you can be a general automotive servicer. They are located in Wausau Wisconsin. This would benefit myself because I am fairly close to home. Their requirements to enroll is a 18 on the ACT test score. And of course you have to send in an application. The one thing that every college student is worried about is the cost. NTC tuition is $10,222 with the price of books included. If you already have books or you get them somewhere else then tuition is $8,600. The other expense you have to worry about is tools. Some schools offer tools for you to buy. But if you want to buy another brand of tools then things can get a little pricy. You can buy tool kits or buy all the tools individually. High end tool sets can be upwards of $50,000! Usually people who spend that much are working for big companies as the head technician. You can get a pretty good tool set for $5,000. But in the future you may need to expand your set so plan on spending some more money

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