Automotive Mechanics : A Great Career Choice

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I. Introduction
Automotive mechanics is a great career choice.
II. Career Choice
There was a time before cars. People had to take horses everywhere and relied on horses. They had to do all of their field and horses require a lot of space and resources. Then came the steam engine technology. The main use of the steam engine technology is the the railway system setup. They use coal to heat up water. The the expanding water would push a piston back and forth to create energy. The only problem with this technology is it used a lot of coal to heat the water and it was very dangerous. The other problem was it wasn’t very compact. Steam engines are very large and even if you made a steam engine made to fit in a modern car they wouldn’t produce enough power. Then along came the internal combustion engine. These engines use a highly flammable gas to produce a small explosion to move a piston down. These engines were huge improvements over steam. They produced more power in a smaller convenient design. The fuel source was a great improvement over coal because coal you have to feed into the engine while computers inject the fuel right into the engine for you. While cars are becoming more efficient and more reliable they still have problems. People needed other people to fix the cars for them thus came the automotive technician.
Automotive mechanics need special skills to succeed in the automotive technician world. They need a mechanical mindset that can not only find the problem, but…

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