Automotive Mechanics: Automotive Body and Repairmen Essay

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An auto mechanics job is to work on automobiles, A.K.A, vehicles/cars. It is a very important job because; if we didn’t have auto mechanics many peoples’ cars wouldn’t work correctly. Automotive mechanics can be a boy or a girl, and they can work on almost any type of vehicle if they have the right qualifications. Some auto mechanics; like my grandfather, can work on many types of automobiles such as four wheelers, cars, SUV’s, trucks, and sometimes big rigs. Fixing big rigs is not the job of an auto mechanic it is often the job of a diesel mechanic but, some auto mechanics can and do work of big rigs. Automotive mechanics of all kinds are very important in our society today.
Automotive body and repairmen have to repair and refinish …show more content…

Usually Automotive Mechanics do not have uniforms however they do have protective suits for when they are working with something dangerous. Protective suits are standard attire in an automotive work shop (“Automobile Service”). Before a mechanic can work in such demanding environments, he/she must complete specific education requirements.
To become an Automotive Technicians it is required that they complete high school and receive a diploma (“Automotive Body”).They may also obtain a GED or General Education Diploma. Sometimes in higher fields they are required to go to a vocational school and pass high school before they will be hired. In other circumstances it is required that they attend a community college before they will be hired and in other circumstances their chance of being hired is more likely if they have former training in being an Automotive Technician. Although not required certification in the field will result in higher pay and possibly a promotion. In other circumstances it is required to have certification in the field to even be hired and after the fact of being hired certification can help the technician to be promoted (“Automotive Body”).
At lowest an Automotive Mechanic can expect around $24,840 per year as an annual salary. The average salary is $40,980 per year which is pretty decent. At most a technician will make $61,210 or more

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