Automotive Technician Essay

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Could I be successful and please with my career as an automotive technician? Well, all this depends on my goals of being a great technician ,because I have been working at a dealership from NISSAN, in Odessa. I have worked at NISSAN, about a year. The experience of being a technician, is very different everyday ,because each day is a different problem. But being a technician has job responsibilities, educational requirements, the best thing of a having this as a career is the salary.
Nobody denies, that being an automotive technician has some job responsibilities in some relevant areas. Like, on mechanical the knowledge of knowing the tool functions and maintenance.Also, on engineering and technology is the practical application of engineering science and technology, this includes applying principles,techniques,procedures,and equipment to the design. The one important thing is customer and personal service,is the principles of the process of providing customer and personal service, this includes customer needs assessment, meeting quality standard for services , and evaluation of customer satisfaction. Sometimes having bad comment from our
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Required education, is a high school diploma or GED plus formal mechanic training(“Automotive Mechanic;Education & Career Requirements”). So technicians are trained to service and repair cars and small trucks.But eligibility for each certification requires at least two years of experience ,however post secondary course work may be substituted as credit.Also students in high school that don’t offer vocational training, may consider completing a 6-12 month certificate or 1-2 year associate's degree program in automotive repair or technology(“Automotive Mechanic;Education & Career Requirement”). To be a technician on NISSAN, must attend to UTI for at least six years, because it depend on the career that is been
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