Autonomous Driving Research Paper

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To start, I believe the next automotive breakthrough will be autonomous driving. In like manner, I comprehend that autonomous driving has already been developed and implemented into many vehicles today. Although this is true, the vehicles developed have not been fully or completely autonomous. Moreover, even with vehicles with advanced autonomous driving functions such as the Tesla model S, it is still only used in desirable road and traffic conditions, and not in all road conditions. Furthermore, I believe the next breakthrough will be fully autonomous driven vehicles. Henceforth, with the trend of many manufacturers implementing autonomous driving, and braking in their vehicles, I know that this field will become remarkably competitive and…show more content…
Why is this being implemented? Having thought and read about it a little, I came to the conclusion that it was all about safety. In the top five causes of death in the United Stated, accidents are fourth in line. Accidents include many different kinds of them, but motorized vehicle related accidents make up a big piece of the pie. For that reason, in my opinion, safety is the number one reason for researching and developing autonomous driving. In like manner, vehicles that have autonomous braking and driving have been proven to be safer. No human can be more aware and responsive as autonomous braking. Thousands of signals are constantly being sent to the vehicle's management system by multiple sensors around the vehicle every minute, and the moment something goes wrong, the system will take over, and steer and brake you out of harms path faster than you can comprehend whats happening. And for that reason, less accidents would occur everywhere across the country, the roads would be safer and fatalities would drastically drop. In conclusion, autonomous driven vehicles will be the next automotive breakthrough, and with good intentions, manufacturers will provide the country and world with safer roads, and safer
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