Autonomy: A Personality Trait

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Autonomy The notion of personal autonomy is a characteristic that many individuals seek to find throughout their life. The term autonomy originates from the Greek words auto (self) and nomos (law) and means self-management (Senturan, Kose, Sabuncu, & Ozhan, 2012). Individuals who experience the characteristic of autonomy during their lives will often have an intense desire for their personal freedom and will set moderate goals for themselves that will enhance their well-being and independence. Radel, Sarrazin, Pelletier, and Milyavskaya (2011) describe autonomy as being a basic psychological need that has the potential to represent an individual’s propensity towards a slate of self-governance as defined by their behavioral aims. An …show more content…
In order to gain safety and security, persons high in autonomy will rely on themselves to secure employment for them to have shelter and other safety and comfort needs.
In relation to the belongingness and love needs, a person who displays autonomous behavior will seek out groups that meet their needs in order to fill connected to others. On the other hand, a person who has low levels of autonomy may allow others to group them in ways that are untrue to that person’s being. Moreover, those with a balance of autonomy will seek out intimate relationships in order for them give and receive love. The autonomous person may join chat rooms, go to speed dating events, or just generally allow others to know that they are available to start a relationship with others. The person who has low levels of autonomy may not have enough independence or confidence to start relationships with others and they may be coerced into unhealthy relationships with others.
In the esteem area of Maslow’s hierarchy, the difference between individuals high in autonomy and low in autonomy is very much recognizable. Carver & Scheier (2012) claim that esteem needs involve the sense of power, appreciation from others, and mastery of goals or tasks. Humans who reach this level will want to gain respect from their peers, whether in the form of power, social status, or influence. In this area, people who experience high levels of autonomy will build
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