Autonomy And Leadership

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I think your suggesting your preferred administrative role is leadership, which I agree with. Research has found that employees who receive higher evaluation scores actually strive harder to maintain the integrity of the organization they are employed. Autonomy, is key to the health and well –being of not only the organization but to the staff as well, especially when the leader takes measures to prevent burn-out.

Your comment about not working made me laugh, I could never imagine not wanting to work! It is true the more employees see the management working the more compelled they are to work, this is why I have adopted an open door policy, my staff can clearly see me working, the only time my door is shut is if I’m in a meeting, phone call or webinar, which lately seems like all the time!!! But I never let my staff feel less important than what I am doing, as a supervisor It’s my obligation to balance the needs of the organization and I put employees over administrative duties, which means some nights I have to stay late, which is clearly stated in your organization value statement.
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Of interest to me is how this exercise, like love and hate has drawn a fine line between leadership and management.

My only suggestion is that you more clearly identify your organizational values, I know they are readily there but must be pulled out instead of
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