Autonomy In The Workplace

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Goal setting is one of the feasible techniques for improving employee productivity without spending additional resources by an organization. Goal setting is a plan of action that influences the direction and level of necessary effort as well as the frequency of certain activities. This is so since any intention by an employee affects the level of performance eventually attained as well as the amount of effort applied and some behaviours to complete the task at hand (Buller & Bell, 2009). The process by which employees develop strategies to complete certain objectives are greatly influenced by goal setting.
The process of goal setting enables employees to identify the relative importance of specific activities, and develop strategies for attaining the goals set. If the set goals are specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and time bound, the entire process of goal setting can have a positive effect on employee production (Bovend, Eerdt, Botell, & Wade, 2009). Researchers have found that goal setting increase performance in educational setting ((Bovend’Eerdt et al., 2009) and in sports setting (Bueno,
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Workers perceiving autonomy in their work can develop higher job attitudes and self satisfaction (Chung-Yan, 2010). They can also develop organizational commitment, job involvement and reduced emotional distress, all of which are factors that contribute towards the improvement of productivity. Thus, it is important that for effective employee motivation and therefore higher productivity, workers’ jobs should be designed that incorporate task autonomy. The Research review of goal setting however, does not state what should be done once the set goals have been attained, yet there is still need to improve productivity, or how frequently the goals should be reviewed thus the
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