Autonomy's Self-Autonomous Theory

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In chapter four of the book Drive by Daniel H. Pink. Pink talks about the notion of autonomy. Autonomy is the independence or freedom to think for one’s self or the self-government. He describes Jeff Gunther the CEO of a Meddius, he created the idea of ROWE, Results Only Work Environment. The idea of working on the terms of the worker, not the company. The result was less stressful environment and less appearance oriented of the worker wondering if he was look down upon for missing work. Jeff Gunther said “For me it's a partnership between me and the employees. They’re not resources. They’re partners.” (Pink 88) Pink goes on to say that management is technology instead of nature but humans invented it. They produce in a default state. But autonomy management is still…show more content…
Just like children we are born to explore always question things. The Four Essentials are the topic of Self-Determined Theory (SDT) that “autonomous motivation involves behaving with a full sense of volition and choice.” (90) It means acting with a choice, not the loner mentality. The company Atlassian would leave their workers alone and they would produce more than watched workers, like the customer service workers, who aren’t able to be autonomous in their line of work. Pink goes on to explain the four types of T’s are Task, Time, Technique and Team, in the Type one persona. The Type One persona is “ the behavior promotes greater physical and mental well-being ie autonomy and intrinsic motivation” The behavior depends on three key concepts autonomy mastery and purpose. Type one behavior is how to excel in that Four T’s. The first T is Task in autonomy is leaving people alone to produce, at the task. Time is how much time you are putting in like the salaries workers will work only their hours while the hourly workers will put in more effort more “time” in their work. Technique is how they go about autonomy how they
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