Autopulse Resuscitation Device

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There are many people in the world who fear death and the main hit point is having a heart attack is how one would say. “The long and short of it is there are 460,000 people that die each year from sudden cardiac arrest”, says Dr. Henry R. Halperin, a cardiologist and professor of medicine and biomedical engineering at John Hopkins University in Baltimore, MD. Ems changes are very difficult to describe in one word because there are so many. Ems departments have demands new policies, protocols, and of course the positives and the negatives of the job. In my Ems department I would like to see us with up to date equipment, such as an AutoPulse Resuscitation device on each 911 truck. We rely a lot on our DRFD to initiate CPR protocols when 911 trucks are all occupied on calls or others are out in the county with patient(s). I feel that the AutoPulse device would benefit our entire service in regaining ROSC in many more of our unresponsive, not breathing patients. It would greatly benefit our patient’s life outcomes greater that manual CPR. The AutoPulse can select the pattern of compression by choosing between 3 different modes: 30:2 mode for the 1 rescuer and the AutoPulse will pause for 1.5 seconds for a breath. Alternatively, continuous compressions can be given. With the AutoPulse it is latex free and is a device that consists of a Life Band, a platform to lay the patient on and a power system with extra batteries. The Life Band goes around the patient’s chest completely…show more content…
A specialist suggested that the device could be used in people of an adult size who are less than18 years old. The AutoPulse is not to replace manual CPR but to be used as a support to manual CPR. There are many benefits of the AutoPulse but like any device it can and will have its defects and flaws. Manual compressions should always be started first until an emergency response team of paramedics arrive on scene to take over
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