Autozon Swot Analysis Essay

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Based on the information that is provided in the text and online information the following are the SWOT analysis facts that are present in present day information.
Duralast private label batteries and parts have been able to forge a niche in the automotive parts industry as a leader that has great performance and guarantees. AutoZone’s robust financial performance has placed them atop the automotive parts industry. AutoZone’s extensive parts and service portfolio has them realizing great profits. Finally their network of distribution and support is considered world class that helps the organization be successful. Additionally, AutoZone is known for their internal growth for associates which increases retention levels of associates.
Recent opportunities include international growth potential in Mexico and abroad. Strong aging supply of automobiles across the United States and abroad. International expansion abroad. Auto part market offers growth potential.

Higher than normal debt burden based on their expansive growth. High staff turnover is a cause for concern with growth projection being high this could cause staffing problems in management and store operations. Potential legal issues can affect operations through reputation, and cash flow implications.

Recalls of parts
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If financial concerns are found the corporation will realize potential loss. Another aspect of problematic issues is the added cost that will have to be realized to correct the problems. Finally, growth into international markets have their own set of problems that are set in in-country customs and regulations. Dealing with these international problems can cause performance as well as additional cost to the business plan that might not have been
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