Autozone SWOT

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SWOT analysis allows for the creation of a plan of actions that is necessary for using a company’s strengths and for minimizing the effect of its weaknesses in order to increase the company’s opportunities and lower the risk of threats (Kolbina, 2015). Further, the SWOT analysis determines what assists the firm in accomplishing its objectives, and which problems need to be minimized to achieve the desired results. For instance, where the organization is currently at, and where it may need to be in the future.

As a hired consultant, it would be critical to construct a SWOT analysis of AutoZone. Therefore, listed as follows are the strengths of AutoZone: strong and stable retail and distribution network, and corporate willingness to financially support growth. In addition, the following are the weaknesses of AutoZone: inexperienced staff, and financial debt. Furthermore, listed as follows are the opportunities that exist for AutoZone: global expansion, and the do it yourself market. Most importantly, the following are threats the company could experience: intense competition, and large inventory.

In constructing a SW/OT matrix, the following would be strengths of AutoZone: Strong retail and distribution centers, and AutoZone’s
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In addition, the human resources department should immediately develop a training program to enhance employee’s product knowledge. In addition, the human resource should develop a bonus structure to eliminate turn-over within the company, which would eliminate the inexperienced staff problem. In addition, the research and development department should identify areas in which AutoZone could offer products that aren’t typically offered by competitors. For example, having AutoZone offer spoilers, stereo equipment, oil changes, and etc. Currently, AutoZone only offers auto parts to
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