Autumn Cortes Speech

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Hello I am Autumn Cortes from Silver Hills Middle School (SHMS). I have grown up in a family that loves cars. I have always been into cars ever sense I helped my Dad build a 1989 GMC Suburban at the age of 9. We had to completely take out the engine to re-build it. So after that I have always wanted a job working with car parts or working on cars. I would absolutely love to have the honor of working with your company. I have been to many O’reilly’s (Auto parts) with my mom and my dad, all of the people that work there have been very nice and willing to help. I would love to become one of those people also. Many people need your company because you keep our cars safe which keeps us safe. I know I am only 14 but I would love to work for you when I am 15. Yes I know that you don’t hire until 18 (sometimes 16) and of course you have your reasons. But, I would love to work here to further my education on cars and parts. The safest way for me at this age is to start out with just parts and learning more and more about the parts and what they are for and somewhat how they are used. I am very good with people and very good with car parts. I also understand that at the age of 14 I may seem like I am immature but for my age I know a lot and I would very much enjoy working with you in the next year.…show more content…
It’s amazing that this company started as just a shop with 13 employees but now look at it now the company is everywhere. I would love to work with you next year and be a part of that. Now that you have read through my letter please get back to me as soon as possible you can reach me at . thank you for taking the time to read this out of your busy work
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