Av1 Task 5

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On 11/4/16, I, Account Manager Enmanuel Cabrera, was notified via email by Shift Supervisor Massiel Perez that Security Officer Bailey Forte no called no showed. S/O Forte is usually off on Fridays, but was scheduled in advance, 0200-0600, to cover the open post. S/S Perez made several attempts to call the officers from 1st shift to cover the open post, but was unsuccessful to get someone to come in. Also on 11/3, during the afternoon parking lot detail AVP1 was 1 flagger short, all vital positions where filled with the exception of the parking lot supervisor/rover. As well as on 11/4, morning parking lot detail was short 1 flagger. Daniel Canela no call no show for the AM parking lot detail. All vital positions in the parking lot were filled for the exception of the supervisor/rover position.…show more content…
At 9:00 Pm, I called the AVP1 office to check on the staffing levels for the 3rd shift, 2200-0600. At this time, S/S Kania stated that she did not get anyone to cover the open post and she assume that I knew about the open post. She also stated that she did not notify A/S Davidson about the open post. Upon being learn about the open post, I coached S/S Kania on the proper escalation when an open post occurs. In conclusion, avp1 ran open from 1800-2200, 4 hours. Reminder, Per Loss Prevention’s request the number of officer in the parking lot remains at 4 officer and 1 supervisor which causes a variance of 146 hours. In conclusion, AVP1 ran 4 hours open for parking lot detail and 8 for peak
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