Availability and Education Essay examples

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Availability and Education

In 1998, over 3.9 million Californians, including children, lived in food insecure households, meaning that their concern over inadequate income for purchasing food resulted in lower quality diets for their families (1). Food security is an ongoing problem among,the people in the United States, which is determined by the access to food resources that one individual or family might experience in a given community. Low income families address and incorporate the concept of food security as the ability of individuals to prepare foods, have a certain level of economic resources to purchase goods among supermarkets, and also have the ability access education and support through community organizations. Healthy
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Due to the availability, on average, low-income households spend less in supermarkets, which typically offer the lowest prices, and greatest range of brands, package sizes, and quality choices (2). Low-income families in return try to increase their calories by purchasing less expensive foods with higher fat content. Since the trend of relocation among supermarkets has occurred, the still surviving supermarkets are able to charge higher prices among inner cities because of the lack of competition and the increasing cost for location. Strategies such as coupon clipping and buying food in bulk are commonly used when there is access to a supermarket, but what if there is no time?

After a long day at work, convenience becomes a huge issue among the inner city communities, which leads to a consumption of goods that are located at comer stores. The convenience store provides a variety of services and goods that are of lower quality when compared to the supermarket. The foods are often more expensive than other food items in supermarkets which have a greater nutritional value and require only slightly more preparation time. One study reported that many low-income families insisted that prepackage and pre-made foods are more advantageous due to that lack of preparation time is needed and the great amount of appeal to other family members (4). It is also less likely that a whole family will be able to eat at the same time, so by
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