Availability of Visual Media

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Visual Media Introduction The pervasive availability of visual media from a multitude of sources including Google Images, Flickr and a myriad of other content-rich websites online present many opportunities for individuals and companies to gain excellent content quickly for personal and professional use. In conjunction with this trend is the continual evolution of the many Google search technologies that make it possible to find highly valuable and exclusive content online. Marketing organizations are also ramping up the use of published research that is protected by copyright to promote their brands and products as well, often licensing these reports and analyses from 3rd party research firms. This wealth of digital content is protected by a rich variety of copyrights, attributions and specific Fair Use laws as well. The intent of this paper is to evaluate the benefits and challenges associated with having so many visuals available today. The possible ethics and legal implications are also discussed. It is imperative that individuals and corporations stay cognizant of the latest laws on how to avert copyright infringement and the high costs of paying for works used without authorization or worse, being sued for using content in an unauthorized way. Benefits and Challenges Associated With Digital Content There has always been the challenge of protecting the copyright of digital content, yet the proliferation of social media websites and platforms, the ease
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