Avani Angel Group Llc.. Summary Statement. Revised April

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AVANI ANGEL GROUP LLC. Summary Statement Revised April 2017 The Avani Angel Group, LLC is a collective of experienced angel investors seeking to make the world a better place through the advancement of social enterprise and entrepreneurial success. The group primarily invests in early-stage, future high growth startups with innovative yet profitable solutions to social and environmental issues. AAG seeks to drive entrepreneurial success through the creation of synergistic relationships between our investors and our investees. Such relationships are facilitated by high levels of coachability, mentorship, and the cohesion of common goals. The group is entirely member managed and ran by an executive board. Membership to AAG LLC. is extended…show more content…
This will be followed by a vote on whether to proceed with formal due diligence. If vote passes ─ the due diligence team will perform a risk evaluation of the company. If the due diligence team finds that the investment opportunity is appropriate for the fund the company will present a second time in front of the whole group. This presentation will be followed by a secondary vote. (⅔ vote will be necessary for approval). Optimal Time to Invest The Social Enterprise
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