Avas Vs Odysseus

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Uris was a very well-known goddess, however, her brother Avas was not. Uris loved the kingdom with all of her heart and knew that it was her call to protect it. There were many things Uris was better at than Avas, and there were also things that Avas was better at. Avas was the god of power, he was capable of doing mostly anything, and most of the time the things he chose to do were very bad things. When Uris was about fifteen she lived in Olympus, with her brother Avas; until Avas realized that his sister was nothing better than him and he was above all. Uris knew that Avas had always been jealous of her and her royalty. Avas left Olympus, in hopes to devise a plan that will make him more liked than Uris. He went out to Hades and asked him
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