Avatar : A Great Representation Of My Meditations

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This statement from James Cameron’s Avatar represents the very thought I had so many years ago that led me to question reality; for this reason Avatar presents a great representation of my Meditations. Avatar is a science fiction movie based in the future where humans are sweeping the galaxy for resources. Jake Sully, a former marine confined to a wheelchair, has the opportunity to visit Pandora, a planet being mined for minerals, after his brother has died. Jake takes his place as an intermediary between the humans and the locals, the Na’vi. What we discover is that to be this intermediary he must upload his mind into a hybrid Human/Na’vi Avatar to complete the task. Although Jake starts this journey with a specific mindset we see that this drastically changes by the end of the film. In this review, we will see just how close the film comes to representing my Meditations. In the opening to the film Jake narrates by describing a dream of him flying over a forest, but states that eventually you have to wake up. This distinction is exactly the analysis I used to understand our waking self and dreaming self in my first Meditation. In understanding this difference we discovered doubt is the key to making the distinctions between waking and dreaming. Jake knows that he is in a wheelchair and that this flying sensation, therefore, the state he is in must be a dream; his disbelief in this reality allows him to make the distinction. His uncertainty is challenged further as the
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