Avatar, By James Cameron

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Avatar is one of those profound movies with a deep meaning that strikes different emotions of the audience, which they might have not known they had. It hit most of the questionable topics that are mostly unspeakable now. Avatar is a spectacular movie written and directed by James Cameron. The movie is set in a breathtaking alien world called Pandora, which is inhabited by the Na’vi race. At first, they are viewed as a primitive wild, race but in reality they are more highly evolved than the audience would expect. Because of the rich properties that the land Pandora holds, it attracted the Resources Development Admiration (RDA) Company. They at first were viewed purely as a research company but that was not their only intention. Because of the toxic air in Pandora, the RDA Corporation developed a hybrid mixture of humans and the Na’vi to be able to live and move around Pandora. This hybrid form is known as Avatar. As one of the Avatars falls in love with a Na’vi he obligates himself to help save her world. James Cameron uses this movie to show the inhumane activities from our history, which suggests the story may be a metaphor: Avatar, as a metaphor, has a compelling message which reinforces a strong theme of imperialism; the message suggests a dangerous precedence of invasion, exploitation, and greed.
Invasion is a central element which is shown early in the story, and signifies the beginning of the tension-filled, rising action. Invasion is also a strong part of…
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